MONDAY 16th September 2013

In the Mulloway Room, At the Heads, Barwon Heads

  1. Attendees – Judith Brooks, Sandy Gatehouse, Richard Hastings, Peter Mathieson, Peter Leonard, Vicky Strachan, Bernard Napthine, David Littleton, Di Dower, John Romeril, Peter Oakley, Brenda Reidy

Guests – Elaine Carbines CEO G21, John Fendyk, Howard Dean Ocean Grove Association

Apologies – Geoffrey & Ann Waite, Liddy Nevile, Margaret & Grant Pocock, Faye Connors, Elissa Ashton-Smith, Virginia Ronaldson, Mark Edmunds, Bob Jordan

  1. Judith welcomed Elaine Carbines, John Fendyk & Howard Dean from Ocean Grove Community Association, Bernard Napthine President of the Traders, David Littleton Vice President, Vicky Strachan Barwon Heads Arts Council
  2. Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on August 20th 2012
  • Moved – Peter Leonard
  • Seconded – Richard Hastings      Approved
    1. Annual reports
    2. President (presented by Judith and circulated at the meeting); moved Brenda; seconded David Littleton Approved. Peter Leonard thanked Judith on behalf of the members.– attached to these minutes
    3. Treasurer (presented by Judith); moved Vicky Strachan, seconded David Littleton – attached to these minutes
    4. Election of Office Bearers for BHA committee for 2013/2014.

Nominations received President – Judith Brooks

Nomination received Vice-President – Sandy Gatehouse

Nomination received Treasurer – Geoffrey Waite

Secretary ­–

Committee members – nomination received from Richard Hastings

All duly elected.

Paul Fox, Margaret Pocock & Liddy Nevile have expressed an interest in being on the Committee.

Judith advised that lack of resources may result in organization having to cut back on number of meetings.

John Fendyk talked about opportunities for joint meetings with Ocean Grove. Wants to maintain contact and work more closely.

    1. Discussion of proposal to change BHA rules – Sandy Gatehouse advised the meeting that on 26 November 2012, the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (and its associated Regulations)replaced the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. The BHA uses an amended version of the old model rules and the Committee is in the process of reviewing our constitution in light of the changes. The number of rules has increased from 36 to 77. We are required to modify these, get approval from our members and advise Consumer Affairs Victoria by 26 November 2013, or our current rules will automatically be replaced with the new and far more complex model rules. There will be a draft with changes available on the website and at the meeting. We will present it to our members for approval at the October 21stGeneral Meeting.
    2. The AGM closed at 8:15pm and went on to a General Meeting.
    3. Our Guest Speaker Elaine Carbines the CEO of G21 presented on the vision of G21. She explained the structure of G21 as a regional alliance between state and local government, business and community organizations. G21’s purpose is clearly stated: to improve the lives of people within the Geelong region across five council areas. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of G21 is their commitment to consultation to inform priorities and projects through their eight Pillar Groups. These cover Arts & Culture, Economic Development, Education & Training, Environment, Health & Wellbeing, Planning & Services, Sport & Recreation and Transport. Each pillar has an average of twenty-five

Key decision makers and experts within the eight categories.

Elaine left us all with the G21 Report To The Region February 2013. It is impressive to note that the G21 model was one of only ten being studied by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. (OECD)

The Chair thanked Elaine for her enthusiastic and detailed presentation and especially for coming out on such a wet and wintry night.

Meeting closed at 9.00pm

Past Meetings Minutes Are listed below: