CoGG BH Structure Plan due April 2017
9 Bridge Rd Heritage Panel Hearing 3 March 2017 – Panel response due April.
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9 BRIDGE RD – permanent overlay recommended
The Panel comprising Ms Lucinda Peterson has presented her report to the City of Greater Geelong. We are pleased that she has supported our submission for a permanent protection of 9 Bridge Rd.

Thank you to Ross Harrison, the Thomas family, the Barwon Heads Community, the City of Greater Geelong, all the experts for confirming that this is an important property in the history of Barwon Heads and informing this discussion. In particular we acknowledge the excellent work by RBA ARCHITECTS + CONSERVATION CONSULTANTS, and the initial Heritage Values Review. This has been a project that has renewed interest in the town and rekindled old relationships and formed new friendships. Our community will celebrate when this recommendation for a permanent protection is implemented and look forward to buiding on the wonderful information we have gathered through this process to ensure that our coastal village and its heritage is understood and protected.

Please click here for the Greater Geelong C354 Panel Report.

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